5 Questions to ask before Signing up with an Escort Agency


Functioning as an independent escort can prove futile, not only because you will lack the essential visibility that escort agencies provide but also because clients have lately been attracted to the agencies as they embody a professional outlook.

For this, many escort agencies have been created with the sole purpose of helping escorts locate their prospective clients. However, this is not to say the agencies have not come without their fair share if unscrupulous ones. In this article, we shall enlighten you on the questions to ask before signing up with an escort agency with a view to helping you establish the credibility of each agency out there.

Do a Background Check

The first question you will need to ask an escort agency is their background. His will enable you to establish whether the agency has been I business long enough and whether they have retained their original names.

If an agency has undergone multiple name changes, then you could be dealing with an outfit battling with credibility issues.

Inquire on Current Client Demographics

An agency should be able to provide you with the demographics of their current client list as this will show they know exactly who is working for them. There are many escort agencies out there formed for the sole purpose of fleecing escorts and they do not even bother to find out anything worth knowing about the nature of the clients using their services.

This will also give you a glimpse into the type of clients you are expected to work with and might serve certain interests of yours, especially if you are a race-sensitive person.

Inquire on Escort Responsibility

Ideally, you will have to know what is expected of you before signing up with an escort agency. Guidelines differ by agency and could include personalized marketing and the responsibilities could range from providing your own photos for marketing purposes as well as your own wardrobes.

Asking and establishing whether an escort agency provides these things will help you while bargaining for your remuneration.

Inquire on Work Schedule

Perhaps this is the most important question you should ask an escort agency even when all else seems fine, as it is the schedule structure that will really determine your productivity.

Agencies vary in the manner they handle schedules and as a general rule, most agencies set the schedules for their escorts. Ideally, you should go with an agency that is caring enough to allow you time for recharge, as opposed to those who will coax you into working grueling schedules. Ask questions such as time offs and policies on extended leaves.

Ask about the Pay Structure

When all is said and done, it all comes down to the money so you should also ask the agency what their payment structure looks like. This is not just about the hourly rates but includes other variables such as the presence of a minimum booking time [or the lack of it], unique requests that require extraordinary talents and attributes as well as pricing for extended encounters.

You might also want to find out what percentage will be offered to you from the hourly rate and when you are satisfied with all these, ask about the payment method. At the very least, go with an agency whose payment method is verified and follows conventional and mainstream payment options.